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Simon and Bruce talking about our services and helping our clients.

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A big, big THANK YOU to all our clients

At Murrison & Wilson we take great pride in the strong working relationships we have with our clients. As the great and the good say in all their award speeches ‘without you all this wouldn’t have been possible’.

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Simon & Bruce




At Murrison & Wilson we’re privileged to work with so many successful business owners and keen to showcase our clients’ talents. We’d like to introduce Elizabeth Bandeen: The Massage Therapist to share her real life business experience and offer tips to help business owners build up a successful business.

To keep up with Elizabeth visit www.elizabethbandeen.co.uk
info@elizabethbandeen.co.uk or twitter@bestevermassage

Ask Elizabeth Bandeen – successful business owner

Q: What does your business do?

A: I am a professional massage therapist based in the City of Glasgow. I help backs, necks, and shoulders feel epic again. I attract Corporate Athletes and Professional Athletes too…

Q: How did you start running Massage by Elizabeth Bandeen?

A: I was made redundant 5 years ago and after several knockbacks and 7 weeks out of work, it was driving me crazy. I’d previously trained in massage therapy and been doing it on a voluntary basis. The decision to become self employed was the best I ever made. The Glasgow business community are an astounding bunch (so are my accountants!)

" Be super duper clear on what you want your business to look and feel like, don’t rush it, everything takes time to evolve.”

Q: How long has your business been running?

A: Just over 5 fabulous years.

Q: What was the biggest hurdle you faced starting up?

A: My biggest hurdle was getting members of my family to stop acting like car mechanics, ‘oooh I’m not sure about that..’, ‘Do you think it’ll work?’. Your family are there to support you and challenge you too. Once I got them ‘onside’ it was all rock n roll. They are super proud of me.

Q: How did you chose where to locate?

A: I am based in the city centre, and it wasn’t so much the location, but who I was going to be working next to. I knew the kind of environment that I wanted to work in and it just so happens that the location is smack bang in the middle of our fair city.

Q: What is your top tip for anyone starting up a new business?

A: Be super duper clear on what you want your business to look and feel like, don’t rush it, everything takes time to evolve. Believe in yourself and your business, do your homework, be realistic, get a professional to do your website for you, make the investment - the return is worth it. Get a great accountant too… I know what I’m good at, everything else I outsource (Hi Simon and Bruce).

Q: What has been your best day, so far, in business and why?

A: Every day is pretty euphoric to be honest. The best day is when someone sends me an email after a visit and says ‘you made a difference’. That’s a real fist pump in the air kind of feeling.

Q: How do new clients find you and you find new clients?

A: My website works very, very hard for me, and I work very hard keeping it updated and baking cakes for my web guy. I find new clients by being active with networking, and always, always have business cards with me. I’m bound to bump into someone who has a sore neck or can’t turn their head.

Q: How do you kick start your working day?

A: With a gym session! And coffee! I weight train 3 mornings a week, it really does set me up for the day. I tend to do all my prep for the day ahead, the night before so that there is no mad panic of having forgotten anything.

Q: Why do you do think your clients keep coming back to you instead of the competition?

A: I don’t have competition. Seriously! I’m the only ‘me’ in Glasgow! I work next to one of the most experienced and talented massage therapists ever, and he is a fabulous mentor too. I think people come back to me because I’ll always give them my best attention, and give them the best advice too that I know.

Q: If you could travel back in time is there anything you’d do differently?

A: Not a darn tootin’ thing. Everything has got me where I am today and I am very, very happy with my business and my life. I’ve always followed my gut instinct and had the best support ever from the Glasgow business community. Ta dah!

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